Love you!

So whom do you love;)

Feel free to show it and make her/him feel loved and cared :)

Happy Loving :D

11 thoughts on “Love you!

  1. Hi, I wrote these words for someone who deserves love and much.
    I always smile when I see you.
    I always yearn to meet you.
    I always feel glad when I’m with you.
    I always wonder whether I am happy or sad.
    I always find my answer,
    What’s wrong with you, sweetheart?
    Or I am happy for you, darling.
    My heart chose my love.
    And my love relieves my life.
    I always say I love you so.

    With love

  2. Prem ki badhi pyari so bayaar EC pe chali hai…..chalti rahe…….
    Maati ki saundhi si khushbu EC pe uthti hai……..uthti rahe……..
    Sapark, sanidhya, vartalaap, abhivyakti ka bejodh manch hai…..
    Sajta that, Sajta hai, Sajta rahe…..

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