English Chats Celebration

Hi ECians :)

Thanks for being a part of this community!

Never forget, you are the one who makes this lovely community so successful!

EC is going to be 2 years old on September 24th! Lets recall the memories. On each stage of life everyone has his/her own story, so on this site what is your story ? How is it Funny? How is it interesting? How is it Lovely? How is it Memorable?

Can you brief them in some paragraphs? You wanna share your story with us? If yes then this post is opened for you till 22nd of September. On 24th all of your stories will be showing up here, and it will show up for ever as a memory!

If you feel to write but can’t understand how to start then we will help you here.. Just start with ‘how you came to know about this site’ ‘how often you started being here’ ‘whom you interacted at first’ ‘whom you love to tease’ ‘whom you like or dislike’ ‘how do you feel here’ and many more such things :)

Just follow two rules : Don’t use abusive or religious issue. Don’t insult anyone (you may tease your friends in your story but no insult to anyone)


Click here to post your stories!

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