Hi ECians!

Welcome to EnglishChats’ missing you page!

We met a lot of angels in our EC chat room, some left, some missed, some lost and some going to leave us…

Some are busy with studies, some are busy with jobs, some are busy with their lives!!

But do you forget them just because they cant be here!

I know not all of them are so easy to forgot….

Let them feel that they are still remembered!!

This site is devoted to all those missing guys and girls :)

Here whoever misses anybody of EC, just say it.. I know some people even composes poems in our EC for those people whom they miss..  makes drawing and all those sweet things.. But on our EC main site.. you don’t have such facilities to show your love care and sweetness to your lovely friends.. so as promised some days ago, EC brought to you that platform…

Just use this site for the purpose.. and when you stop coming to EC and you feel that you may be forgotten.. give a visit here and check yourself if you are really forgotten ;) and yeah never forget to reply back, the one who misses you will  be happy!

Happy Missing! Happy Love! and Happy Friendship!

with love…


45 thoughts on “Hi ECians!

  1. You people will get three tabs here as of now.. one is this one i.e. Home, other tabs are ‘miss you’ (use it if you miss or you are missed by somebody) and ‘love you’ (if you are loved or love anyone and want to put message to him/her).

    All the tabs can be accessed from the right side top corner!

    till December you wont have to log in here to post any message, but from Jan-2014 if required this will work only on having an EC account. :)

  2. Well… didnt join EC for more than week… but it seemed much much longer for me… I just wanna say I miss you my dear friends.. my close ones and i hope you know it :)

  3. Bristi.. it has been a long time, how are you sis ? i wish you are doing well and wonderful, do you still remember me ? :) i am missing you a lot .. hurry back :) and .. have wonderful day .. on everyday ! :D

  4. Funny bro, how are you doing ? :D I know you are busy with work and study.. it is okay :) wish you are having great dayssss .. missing you :D .. take care always :) and come back :D

  5. Diana and Simmi.. Its nice to see you both here.. ^^

    We all miss you .. hope you both get some time from your busy lives to spend with us :P

    • WHO I AM !
      , ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ
      This was ever among my unsolved question
      Who are you?

  6. I cant express my feeling .It is my pleasure to see u again .here is place that I can meet ppl from walks of life and help me to develop my interpersonal skill.
    but its astounding that we modify this fake admin ……
    cyc u know I miss chat for a long time and I found it recently FAKE ENGINEER

  7. Don’t ban me, …since I am honest. .so reading please, maybe..misunderstanding ..He was hurted me then I couldn’t stand becoz, I am not that person. ..KD. .You are wrong. .so don’t do it. …For our friends sake. .its over.

  8. Hey Admin hey ..so look. I just can’t stand when I am on the truth. .and I still don’t tell you that I try to be by Admin. U understand?.. .Ok.

  9. hy human plz do me a favour to tell sunny that i have getting problem to access chat
    plz do this it is important im missing him and plz reply

    • Hey Daisy.. don’t worry let me understand your issue.. do you use mobile or computer ? Site opens up for you? Which room doesn’t work for you? Did it say you are banned or chat room doesn’t load at all ?

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